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A Portuguese Wine Journey

A Portuguese Wine Journey. Portugal is known for many things, its great beaches, fantastic golf facilities and year round sunshine being just the icing on the cake for one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. One of the things that Portugal is renowned for is its many wine producing regions that create some of the finest tasting wines. If you go into any supermarket you are bound to see several bottles of Portuguese wines from across the country, whether you prefer red, white or rose there is bound to be something to please your palate! If you are a wine buff or just fancy an excuse to explore this fascinating country, a wine tour is a great way to impress your friends at the next dinner party.

One of the things that make Portuguese wines so special is that many of the small vineyards are populated with grapes that are unique to Portugal. Many locals believe that in order to really get a taste for the country it is necessary to sample some of the wines, which is handy for those about to embark on a wine tasting tour! The first stop on any Portuguese wine holiday is Dao which produces some of Portugal’s best red wines. Situated in the north of central Portugal below the stunning Douro River, Dao is one of the most spectacular places that you will visit on your wine journey.

On the opposite side of the wine spectrum are the delicious Vinho Verde white wines that come out of the northwest of the country. The name of the wine literally translates into ‘green wine’ which refers to the fact that the grapes grow in a picturesque green valley along the coastline. From green to brown, the Barraida vineyards are the next stop on the wine tour and take visitors into an area steeped in controversy.

Back in the 18th century Barraida was deemed unsuitable for lawful port production due to an adulteration scandal. The vineyards were ripped out however centuries later they are back to their best and produce many dark, fruity wines. The word ‘Barraida’ literally means ‘clay’ which is connected to the brown soil that dominates the area. Port lovers will appreciate the final stop on this Portuguese wine journey, Douro is known by many to be the ‘Port Country’ and is responsible for some of the richest ports in the world.

If the thought of sampling just a selection of these wines has you reaching for the corkscrew, make sure you take advantage of this fantastic holiday opportunity. Never has a holiday in the sun tasted so good!

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travel jokes

Travel Jokes – a Few Funny Moments

Travel jokes. Traveling can be a humbling experience, particularly when you travel to a foreign country. Such experiences, of course, give rise to travel jokes.



1. Three brothers are sitting at the bar in a Moscow establishment. An older man is sitting at a table behind them and has obviously had too much vodka. He stands, walks up to the first brother and says,

“Your mother is a vicious, greedy woman!”

The brother tells him to shut up and go sit down.

After about 5 minutes, the old man stands and walks up to the second brother,

“I sleep with your mother whenever I want!”

Disgusted, the brother tells the old man to bugger off.

A few minutes later, the old man stands and starts walking towards the third brother. All three brothers turn around and yell,

“Dad, go home!”

2. You’re at a bad hotel when the bed mint moves.

3. “Visi, Vermini, Vomnui” – I visited, I freaked, I threw up.

4. The President’s Vacation

George and Laura Bush take a vacation to Crawford and decide to go the grocery store. In the checkout line, Laura recognizes the man working at the register as an old high school boyfriend. After chatting, they leave the store and George says,

“Wow, imagine if you had married him. You’d be married to a grocery store clerk now instead of the President of the United States.”

Laura rolls her eyes and says, “No. I’d be married to the President of the United States.”

5. “Veni, Veneri, Vamoosi” – I came, I caught a disease, I ran away.”

Typically, just the act of traveling produces more than a few funny moments. Get out there and go.

Rick Chapo is with Nomad Travel Journals – makers of writing journals. Travel journals are great travel accessories and travel gifts for student travel, family vacations and adventure travel. Visit NomadJournalTrips.com for more travel articles, travelogues and travel stories.

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Travel Insurance

Travel Assured With Travel Insurance

Travel Assured With Travel Insurance. Traveling around the world is one the biggest dreams of most people. Traveling also gives people the opportunity to learn more about other people, places, cultures, and more. However, traveling is also tiring and has risks involved. This is why some people are scared to travel much. You should take note that accidents do happen during unexpected times and they may also happen during travels. But traveling is worth the risk when you will get to learn more than what you might be able to by being stuck in one place all your life. Traveling will expose you to things that you will never see within the four walls of your house, of your school classroom, and of your office.

To be quite certain and to put yourself at ease while you enjoy and take in all the pleasure from traveling, you have to cover yourself under travel insurance. Travel insurance will grant you the assurance that even if you are not at home and you are not near your favorite clinic, you will still be well-taken cared of in cases when you might get sick, hurt, or injured in any way while traveling. Even if you are already grown-ups, you should still apply your camping motto and mode of “always being ready.” An ever ready mode means that you must take the proactive measure of insuring yourself against future expenses. Medical expenses vary from one country to another. If unfortunately, you will get sick in a country that charge expensive bills for medical care, you will not be too burdened with the bill.

Another thing is that when you travel, you would more likely try out the activities that a particular place offers. For example, you might want to try the sand dune rides. However, you might also be exposed to sandstorms, or your car might accidentally overturn while you drive it fast. When you meet accidents like these, you need not worry about your medical expenditures.

If you have travel insurance, you will also be assured that if you might accidentally lose one of your plenty baggage upon flight transfer from one plane to another, you will be able to recover the amount of those things inside the lost baggage. This will help you endure the unfortunate loss of some of your necessary possessions. This will also allow you to buy new replacements so as to continue your travel without taking your loss to the heart.

If you have travel insurance, you will also be assisted with the amount of money that you have spent on tickets that you may not be able to use especially if you have decided to cancel out your booking schedule due to an emergency.

If you want to have the right travel insurance, be a customer now and cover yourself with Columbus travel insurance. This travel agency wants to give you only the best. You will be well-tended to, and the risks that go with traveling are covered for your safety and convenience with Columbus travel insurance. Find more information at ColumbusTravelInsurance.org.

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golf travel bags

Soft Golf Travel Bag Versus Hard Travel Case

Soft golf travel bag versus hard travel case. Do you perform travel regularly with your golf clubs? What is your budget for any new golf traveling bag? Do your golf trips typically incorporate air take a trip or perhaps auto vacation? Although seeking to find the ideal golf traveling bag for yourself, you should be asking yourself these types of questions before you go on your next golf trip or golf vacation.

A soft golf travel bag is commonly made of a number of forms of canvas kind fabric and cushioned on the inside and they have a challenging bottom to protect your golf bag. These styles of bags get added wheels to help golfers transport their gear from location to location.

Advantages to these bags include that you can furthermore carry other golf items. Many bags, such as the Izzo golf vacation bags, have pouches within the bag that you can load up shoes, clothes or perhaps other best golf accessories. Moreover, an Izzo or maybe an equivalent golf traveling bag can reduce for easy storage in your hotel bedroom or even at home while you are ready to go on your future golf trip.

Several people perform not believe that these bags give you the entire safeguard for the club heads as a challenging status. In my know-how, any time I get not observed this to be true. My personal spouse and I make the golf towel a weave this throughout the golf iron golf club shafts to give the excess defense along with the support. Again, my personal partner and my spouse and I haven’t stood some sort of inconvenience with a golf length breaking throughout some sort of golf trip. If you are not comfortable with this, then you can try to find a “stiff arm” accessory.

A golf tricky issue is while it noises. That is a system that you spot your golf bag and golf clubs into for their security and provides the highest amount of safety. Usually, with a tough system, you may not get room to load up clothes as well since golf accessories.

Given that a hard golf journey system provides the generally safeguard for your golf clubs, tricky instances really are a smart selection for the golfer who loves the callaway x-24 hot irons whom lures to the majority of your golf vacation spots. Often, airlines will cover any deterioration sustained each time your clubs come in a tough golf issue.

At the time that comes to storage fitness center on the road, hard cases take upward more space than other designs. The bulk of a new difficult golf system additionally makes it difficult to fit into the trunk area of many leasing cars. Hard golf instances might not create in as much while hybrids or perhaps soft-covers if you complete not travel to many of your golf holidays.

Although seeking to find the ideal golf traveling bag for yourself, you should be asking yourself these types of questions before you go on your next golf trip or golf vacation.

Falanghina wine in Positano on the Amalfi Coast

Falanghina wine in Positano on the Amalfi Coast. When you book a nice apartment in Positano, with us you’ll realize how beautiful and magical this town is.

The dream came true four decades ago, in ’62, and Ettore Sammarco speaks with emotion and pride. His family always made wine. Their farm is an ancient tradition. But like so many here in the South, selling bulk wine and say anonymously. Although it was very popular, but paid badly. So for years the goal of Hector was to bottle the wine, to treat him better and distributed to restaurants and wine shops are able to appreciate its quality. The large steel silos lay siege to the cellar, the last witness of what was the old company. Which, without prejudice to any more advanced technology, retains the character and structure of the past. Beginning with the family, he sees next to the boss Hector, the son Bart, both working on the production front, while Rosa Maria and Antonio, two daughters, following the administrative and commercial sector.The Doc Amalfi Coast in ’95 gave an extraordinary impetus to the wine production area. A consecration certainly deserved, even if the name of Ravello had a history when it comes to wines.

The guideline has avoided the risk that under this name were marketed mediocre wines with grapes and bastardized. The company under the label Selva delle Monache (the trademark) produces the Ravello Doc in its white, red and rosé.The soil is clay – and the volcanic system of animal husbandry in double Guyot, trellis and pergola. Beyond these common data, each wine has its own path. The white (60% Falanghina, Biancolella 40%) passes from the perfect ripeness of grapes at controlled temperature maceration and subsequent stay in steel for five months. The Ravello Red (40 Piedirosso%, 30% and 30% Aglianico Sciascinoso) has instead a prolonged contact with grape skins for a tannic, and after three months in stainless steel is aged for a year in French oak barrels.Also under the label Selva delle Monache, the Sammarco also produces a Ravello Rosso Riserva, made from Aglianico Piedirosso 70% and 30% is vinified with a short maceration on the skins with the must, then aged six months in steel. Bartolo Sammarco speaks with pride of Ravello Bianco, who does not hesitate to define rare. In fact it is produced only in the best years and about three thousand bottles. It’s the strict selection of grapes a result very happy (Broom 40% and Zita White Biancolella 20%). The grapes all come from the Vineyard Plains Cave, which enjoys a unique exhibition between sea and mountains. Hence the fruity bouquet and a hint of vanilla and toast.

The reference is again to the territory and effort that involves the care of the vineyard. They call it heroic viticulture, but on the Amalfi Coast is not known another type of farming. These terraces and pergolas these, and no one would know otherwise conceive.The Doc Ravello produced by Ettore Sammarco enjoy wide recognition. In the vortex of illustrious, that make Amalfi and its region the privileged refuge of the worlds of art, politics and entertainment, the Selva delle Monache took the bench. Schroeder from Zeffirelli to the great soloists and conductors’ s participating in the festival orchestra in Ravello, all these celebrated wines. And no one has given up a few bottles to take away.

Book our apartment in Positano, and You’ll enjoy the unique atmosphere of this beautiful town

Daniele Davide, manager of Tredy Sas.

When You book an apartment in Positano Apartment in Positano – Amalfi Coast , with us You’ll realize how beautiful and magic this town is.

Book a Tour with us, and You’ll enjoy the unique atmosphere of this beautiful region

Piedirosso wine in Positano

Piedirosso wine in Positano. When You book a nice apartment in Positano on the Amalfi Coast, with us You’ll realize  how beautiful and magic this town is.

At sunset, the town is the only producer and winemaker Joseph Apicella. His wine making from time immemorial, although until the ’75 sold in bulk, everywhere there were wine bars and restaurants can appreciate a good red, that had nothing to envy to the most famous wines. Then, Peppe Apicella (that’s how his friends call him) began to bottle his wine and courageously to propose around Italy, especially where the presence of his fellow villagers had given rise to the emergence of restaurants and pizzerias. This applies, in fact, that by Sunsets are irradiated throughout Italy for generations of pizza, that the example of Louis Jordan, who was the first after the war he opened a pizzeria in Loreto di Novara.The expansion and success come from the eighties, though Apicella remains committed to the principle that only a small winery can provide those treatments that require a good wine. So the five acres of family were the ones with the old screws Piedirosso and Aglianico, foot works, and with a yield on the ninety quintals per hectare, well below the 110 expected to be disciplined in ’95.

The company produces white, red and rosé for a total of forty thousand bottles, with a predominance of red, the type not only more distant tradition, but most in demand by the market. And it was the growing success of this wine to push Apicella to create, since 2000, a Rosso Riserva Vigna battered three thousand units, based on 60% and Aglianico Piedirosso, with three years of aging, including two in bottle. Vigna battered represents the first milestone of the family Apicella, where even the children – Prisco young winemaker, and Fiorina, studies in business – live with love and the fate of the transport. At first this was followed a’Scippata Reserve, which is indicated by the name of the local vineyard, all on foot works, which originally appeared rugged and steep, as often is the territory here. The fund was established in the early thirties with the purchase of the forest that the Old Forest, an excellent investment for the particular nature of the land and all the happy position at noon. Just one hectare, to break up by force of arms and an ax, before planting the cuttings and Piedirosso Dyer, rigorously chosen among the best in the area.

Then, the wise provision of the grape in the framework, where each item includes five cuttings together. Ordered geometry, which gave rise to a series of plots, each capable of containing three rows of vines grown on pergolas, with the typical plant chestnut poles.Since 1931, a period in which it is born a’Scippata – apart from the modern equipment and new winemaking techniques – here nothing has changed. Peppe Apicella, heir to the vineyard, I worked as his ancestor, with operations carried out manually, given the rugged nature of the place. Pruning, tying the branches, the change of guardians, we always refers to gestures and techniques of the past. Careful harvest in early November – a date not to be overlooked for a grape rather delicate as the dye – can count on only forty pounds, or just over one hectare of vineyard. Then in the cellar, that philosophy requires a delicate baling and a long fermentation on the skins for better respect of the original character of the grape

Book our apartment in Positano, and You’ll enjoy the unique atmosphere of this beautiful town

Daniele Davide, manager of Tredy Sas.

When You book an apartment in Positano Apartment in Positano – Amalfi Coast , with us You’ll realize how beautiful and magic this town is.

Book a Tour with us, and You’ll enjoy the unique atmosphere of this beautiful region

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About Jaipur Travel in Rajasthan

About Jaipur Travel in Rajasthan

About Jaipur travel in Rajasthan: The royal, heritage state of Rajasthan feels so proud to claim Jaipur as its capital city! Jaipur, also known as ”Pink City”, is the largest city of Rajasthan. This magnificent city was founded by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II in 1727. It is the first planned city of India, located in beautiful surroundings of semi desert lands, in the lap of Aravali hills. The city exhibits the vigorous, royalstic, adventures, commanding and luxurious past of Rajputs. The fascinating palaces, forts, temples and monuments are the symbols of that prosperous Rajputana era.

Attractions of Jaipur: Jaipur is enriched with a number of forts, palaces, monuments and temples. What Jaipur demands you, is only the time, so that you may visit all the famous places of Jaipur, as one can not visit those all within a day.

Forts: The three famous forts of Jaipur are – Amber Fort, Nahargarh Fort and Jaigarh. These three forts are the three gems of the city, whose splendid architecture and eyecatching sights impress every visitor.

Palaces: City Palace of Jaipur is counted among one of the renowned palaces of India. This big palace covers several separate sections like gardens, courtyards and buildings.
Jal Mahal or Water Palace is an impressive structure of Rajputana architecture, situated in beautiful Mansarovar lake.

Temples: Feel the essence of spiritualism with the holy visit to the temples of Jaipur. Moti Doongari and Govind Devji are the most famous as well as ancient temples of Jaipur, dedicated to Lord Ganesha and Lord Krishna respectively. Except, Lakshmi Narayan Temple (aka The Marble Temple), Jain Mandir, Galtaji, Galwh Bagh (aka Monkey Temple) and Surya Mandir ( Sun Temple) are other famous pilgrimages of Jaipur.

Jantar Mantar is the largest stone observatory in the world, that makes it a very special tourists spot.
Hawa Mahal is a five storied grand building with 953 windows, called ” jharokhas”, through each of which breezy wind passes.
Gaitore is located in the foothills of Nahargarh Fort, which is the cremation of royal Jaipur rulers.

Gardens: Ramniwas Garden, Sisodia Rani Garden, Kanak Vrindavan, Vidhyadhar Garden, Central Park, Jawahar Circle Garden and Technology Park are the must visit gardens of the city.

Market: The market of Jaipur is the fusion of rich, colorful culture of Rajasthan, where you may purchase the famous handicrafts stuffs, embroided fabrics, artificial jewelry and many other things.

Plan Rajasthan Tours and enjoy the Jaipur Travel

Budget Travel

Budget Travel Opens Possibilities

Have no worries about how are you going to spend your summer or spring vacations, budget travel is here. It is supposed to be a real break for you, so stop the bother and just hang on to what all inclusive vacation deals have in store for you.The Grand Canyon is an amazing place, so I have dreamed to visit it since I was a little girl. And I has fulfilled my dream in June this year.

I live in New York, but I have never been to Washington D.C. But last Sunday I had a nice day in the capital. That was really a great city. Life gets monotonous if we don’t take care of few minor things to shape our life. We follow a regular routine. The last thought that comes in our mind before going to bed is to get up early the next day and go to work.

The Broadway theatre chain features some of the great theatres around the New York City. The theatres have become part of history and still running since much last year’s providing sheer entertainment to the people.Travel is something that makes you feel relaxed, better somehow recharged. It is the fun that makes travel such a unique experience wherever you go.

People across the globe who are fond of traveling must be aware of an online website known as Viator – A TripAdvisor Company. Traveling to new places gives a freedom to interact with people of different countries or regions.

A businessman who travels occasionally does not have much time to search and assess a particular hotel so as to check its rates and services. Viator is an online site that will let you easily book flights and hotels if you are going on a trip somewhere. It is an American-based company but they do have local websites for other countries that they operate in.

It is possible that you might have, at one point in your life, had to work with a website or company such as Viator.com in preparing your trips. Are you looking for a new vacation trip? If yes then you might want to try cruises to nowhere. It is inexpensive and it usually leaves in great cities such as New York.

When you are planning a holiday, you might find it difficult to get everything organised the way that you want.While the economy hasn’t been good, all of us should not let it get in the way of our much needed vacation. It has been shown that vacations are needed to stay healthy.

The west side of the city is filled with narrow streets with old buildings and tiny street vendors. Shamian Island on the Zhujiang river is home to old colonial buildings. The streets are lined with banyan trees and its pace much slower than the rest of the city.

Eco-Friendly Travel

Eco-Friendly Travel (ecotravel)

Eco-Friendly travel (also known as ecotravel and/or sustainable travel) is travel which promotes a sustainable environment. Travel is a wonderful opportunity to experience our planet, yet poses an enormous threat to it. Did you know that the travel industry is the fastest growing industry in the world? Last year alone, there were over 715 million international arrivals worldwide according to the World Tourism Organization. And, each arrival leaves its footprint behind.

Leah Powell, president of Trade to Travel (www.TradeToTravel.com), recommends the following websites and easy sustainable travel tips:




Planning Your Trip:

Seek accommodations and tours which carry environmental-friendly certifications or memberships in green industry associations – such as Green Seal or Green Leaf. Several organizations have developed standards to measure the environmental initiatives of hotels and tours. Standards vary depending on the organization; however, green hotels and tours include reducing energy consumption through fluorescent lighting, instituting recycling programs, conserving water either through installation of energy star products or by asking patrons to reuse towels, and by purchasing local organic foods. When hotels and tours meet these standards, they are certified as “green.”

Travel to fewer destinations and stay longer at the destinations you do visit. Air travel leaves the largest carbon footprint of any form of travel. Choose trains and buses over airplanes whenever possible.

Don’t fly at night. Trails of condensation from aircraft have a greater warming effect at night, trapping heat but without reflecting any of the sun’s rays back into the atmosphere as they do during the day.

Select accommodations close to public transportation or near the places you are going to visit during your stay.

When flying, book electronic tickets. It reduces paper waste and you’re less likely to lose your ticket.

If you own a vacation property (villa, chalet, condo, apartment, flat, boutique hotel, castle, estate, bed and breakfast, spa, penthouse, private aircraft, yacht, or private island), become a member of Trade to Travel (www.TradeToTravel.com). Not only will you save 80% on fine accommodations worldwide, you’ll be gentler on the planet. Instead of building more and more properties, let’s share the ones we already have.

Before You Go:

Pull the plug on any unnecessary appliances such as TVs, VCRs, stereos, toasters, and microwaves. These items may still use energy even in their off mode.

Set your thermostat and water heater at low settings so energy isn’t wasted while you’re gone.

Stop your newspaper or donate the paper to a school while you’re gone.

When You’re There:

Never buy items made from endangered species.

Leave no trace. Do not pick flowers, take rocks or break coral. Don’t litter. Be familiar with cultural mores prior to arrival be respectful of cultural practices.

Shop local: Head to local markets, where you can purchase fresh food from local vendors (which reduces the pollution required to import goods). This benefits the community by increasing their economy, and you will get fresh fruits and veggies and maybe even some handmade souvenirs.

If your accommodations have an environmental program, please participate as much as possible. If you have any questions about how, simply ask when you check in or by calling the front desk.

Never leave lights on when you’re not in the room.

Lower the thermostat when you leave the room for long periods of time.

If your destination is a warm climate, close the drapes. Or, if you have Venetian blinds, angle them up to bounce the sunlight off the ceiling. This will keep the room cooler. Conversely let the sun warm up your room during the day if you’re in a cooler climate.

Leave unopened shampoo, soap, and other items in your accommodations when you leave unless you’re taking them home to use.

Avoid room service and carry-out which increase waste.

Use water sparingly. In some places water is a very scarce and precious resource.

Walk or use public transportation whenever possible.

If you’re driving, please carpool and/or rent hybrid a vehicle.

Grab only the maps and brochures that you will actually use. If in a large group, share brochures whenever possible.

Take pictures and leave the location as you found it. Never remove wildlife from its natural environment including shells, flowers and coral.

When hiking or camping, stay only in marked areas to avoid destroying vegetation.

If you’re staying in a vacation rental property, leave the property owner a note letting them know that he/she can become a member of Trade to Travel (www.TradeToTravel.com), save 80% on vacation properties worldwide, and make a BIG difference for Mother Earth. It’ll almost certainly be the best tip that any of their guests have ever left them!

Leah Powell is the president of Trade to Travel (www.TradeToTravel.com), the world’s most prestigious exchange for owners of luxury vacation properties. Via Trade to Travel, members enjoy one another’s distinctive homes in 32 countries at 80% savings.

Seoul activities

Top Activities on Your Next Seoul Travel Plan


Seoul is the capital of South Korea and the largest metropolis in the nation with so many tourist attractions to explore and enjoy. It offers many exciting activities which tourists can experience by using Seoul travel packages. With the option of daily, half-day and all inclusive Seoul travel packages you can make your next travel plan simple, effective and enjoyable.

Seoul is not just the frantic capital but also the heart of South Korea that has grown to become a vibrant metropolis and a great travel destination in Asia tour for its round the clock activity, dynamic culture and thrilling history. The immense charm of this South Korean city draws global tourists in large number to enjoy wonderful activities in Seoul travel and explore sites from Gyeongbokgung Palace, and Jogyesa Temple near Insadong to the Blue House in Jongno-gu with the assistance of a knowledgeable and friendly local guide.

Booking Seoul travel packages, you can see the soul of this modern city wrapped in cultural tradition that reflects best in everything including lustrous buildings, skyscrapers, new technology, historical heritages, old traditions, rich customs and inherent history. You are likely to enjoy a healthy climate in Seoul especially during the seasons of spring and fall but can plan your Seoul travel at anytime. After all, Seoul has cold and temperate climate which encourages travelers and tourists to visit it throughout the year.

Let’s know about some amazing and fun packed activities you can enjoy in your next Seoul travel plan:

A Visit to the Blue House or Cheong Wa De:

The Blue House or Cheong Wa De is where resides the Republic of Korea’s president. It is famous for being his executive office as well as official residence. You will have a brief stop over at this heavily guarded and blue tiled roof building of the South Korean head of state in Jongno-gu during your Seoul travel.

Gyeongbokgung Palace and National Folk Museum Tour

Your Seoul travel will cover Gyeongbokgung Palace which is a far interesting place to explore and enjoy. It was constructed in 1395 and is regarded as one of Joseon dynasty’s largest and most outstanding palaces. There are many buildings within Gyeongbokgung palace which age more than six hundred years and are restored by the Korean government after the wars. This palace has now become a great attraction for local as well as foreign travelers who like to explore and enjoy the best.

You can also visit the National Folk Museum inside this 600 year old palace. Here you will have access to diverse artifacts categorized by royal dynasty and region and experience the lifestyle of Korean people centuries back including their tradition, clothing, food and more. The national Fold Museum is a great place to take a quick glance at how the Korean people lived earlier.

A Walk around Insadong Shopping Street

Your Seoul travel will allow you to walk around Insadong Shopping Street and shop for ancient and precious items of your choice and preference. With the friendly local guide, you will have perfect joy of exploring local crafts and art at nearby galleries and visiting the old Korean teahouse.

Jogyesa Temple Visit

Jogyesa Temple is the leading Buddhist temples representing Korea’s deep Buddhist feel in the spiritual world. It is the center of Zen Buddhism and situated nearby Insadong. Built since 1935, it has consistently been the place of interest for tourists coming to Korea from all over the world.


Booking guided and professionally organized Seoul travel package will let you discover the thriving city of Seoul in a safe, comfortable and pleasant way. You can even choose a half day travel to Seoul city from the offerings of a reliable operator to explore all the above mentioned activities in an effective way that will leave you with the best memories of your Seoul travel.

This post is developed by Kims Travel DMC, an established destination management company in Seoul, working with great Korea travel packages and options to leave tourists feel satisfied to the best standard. To experience the best hospitality service and tourist activities in your Seoul travel, Kims Travel DMC can be contacted at +82 570 3500 today!