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Custom Wine Cellar Design

Are you dreaming of having the perfect wine cellar in Los Angeles California? It’s time for you to find a designer who has extensive experience in designing and constructing custom wine cellars. From the inception of the project, you should also have input in your wine cellar design. Provide the designer with the dimensions of the area you have proposed for your wine storage room including all the entryways.

Factors to Consider in Wine Cellar Design

Choose the design and materials for your wine racks that you think will best display your wines, the wine cooling system and cellar door that will maintain your cellar’s ideal climate conditions, and also the budget you want to allot to complete this project. If you’re unsure how to choose the best features for your wine cellar, your designer can help. By working together you and your designer will create the perfect wine cellar that fits your aesthetic and functional needs.

Best Wine Display for Your Large Collection

The first thing to consider when designing a wine cellar is your wine rack system. The key to having a reliable wine rack system is choosing the best wine rack material that will surely give your wine the best protection. Wines that will be aged for long periods do best in wood wine racks. Wood wine racks provide the best storage system for you wine collection, cheaply and efficiently. It is also easier to match with most home decors.

Your wine cellar designer can tell you about the different wood species and help you choose the best one for your custom wine cellar Los Angeles. One type of species to consider is Heart Redwood. Heart Redwood is one of the wood species which is favored for its natural beauty. It exhibits consistent dark colors.

With high resistance to decay and shock, a non-aromatic quality and tolerance to humid conditions, this wood is widely-used in wine rack construction. Heart Redwood wine racks in Los Angeles California will definitely satisfy your desire for beauty and functionality.

Once you have chosen material for your wine racks, you will need to choose the styles that you want to incorporate into your wine cellar. In choosing wine rack styles, important factors should be taken into consideration such as the size of your wine room, size and number of wine bottles you want to store, budget and your own personal style.

One great way to showcase your Los Angeles California wines in the middle of larger wine rooms is by using the magnificent waterfall cascade wine rack. It features storage slots in a cascading design like that of the waterfall. It creates a truly custom look and maximizes storage space. It will surely be the first display that will catch your guests’ attention.

If your large collection includes bottles of different sizes, wine racks should be designed to have openings that can fit any bottle size. Bottles may include split bottles, standard and large format 750 mL bottles, large format Champagne bottles or 1.5 L Magnum bottles.

Another great wine rack style is the diamond wine storage bin which can accommodate large format and oddly shaped bottles. Bottles are stored on top of the other on a solid shelf, allowing maximum air flow between bottles. It also provides maximum storage capacity per square foot and is a cost-effective alternative to individual storage racks.

Efficient Wine Cooling Unit

One of the most important questions that needs to be answered in designing a wine cellar is: “Which type of wine cooling system is suitable for my wine cellar?” Different systems have different technical requirements with regards to room size, places to expel air, type of walls they can be installed on, power consumption, noise, capacity and reliability of the cooling system. Professional help from your wine cellar designer can help you select the proper cooling system that will provide your wine cellar the ideal conditions without ruining it.

Controlled temperature and managed humidity level are factors that allow your wines to age properly and mature to their fullest potential. To achieve absolute climate control to your wine cellar, the ideal wine refrigeration system should be installed properly.

Cellar requirements and maintenance usually begins with the cooling system. It helps in controlling the temperature and managing humidity level inside the wine room. With its proper installation, spoilage or premature aging of wines will be prevented.

If you are looking for a wine cooling unit which is elegant, easy to install, quiet, requires less maintenance and is affordable, ductless or split cooling system is recommended. It has two components: the condensing unit which can be placed indoors or outdoors and the fan coil which is placed outside the cellar.

One type of split cooling system is the Rack Cooler Series (RM) which is specially designed to be installed on wine racks for maximum storage capacity. It can be clad in a wood grill box and cover. The grill box can also be made from the same wood as the wine racks in your Los Angeles California wine cellar.

Beautiful and Functional Wine Cellar Door

When you talk to your cellar designer, you need to ask what is the best wine cellar door for your wine storage room. What are the factors should be considered? Should it be beauty, functionality, or both? For expert designers, a beautiful and functional wine cellar entrance is highly recommended.

Cellar doors come in different styles and designs. They can be made of glass, wood or wrought iron and can be plain or carved. Free your imagination and have a specific theme in mind and incorporate it in your wine cellar entrance.

One great option for the Los Angeles California wine cellar door is an arched door built with arched glass, transom and wrought iron grills on a dual-paned glass. The use of insulated glass is recommended to improve binding capacity and ability to control the climate in a cellar. Wrought iron grills which create a luxurious look can be customized to meet the desired ambiance in your storage space.

Your cellar entrance should be constructed from appropriate materials to prevent any cool air from escaping or warm air from entering your wine cellar. It should be an exterior grade door which is proven to be sturdy, able to withstand constant change in temperature and prevent air leaks. Important door fixtures such as automatic bottoms or combination of door sweep and threshold and perimeter seal should also be taken into consideration in ensuring that all openings are properly sealed.

Wine collectors will surely benefit from having a custom wine cellar with beautiful wine racks, a stunning and functional cellar door and an efficient wine cooling system. Let the aging of your wines happen in a magnificent wine cellar!

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars gives their clients the opportunity to dream, design and have the perfect wine storage room. Find out how a collection of nearly 4, 000 wine bottles were displayed in elegant wine racks .

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Riviera Wine Club

Welcome to Riviera Wine Club

RIVIERA WINE CLUB – DELIVERING ITALIAN WINES & CULTURE DIRECTLY TO YOUR DOOR! Franco and Jenny have been happily sharing their love of Italian food and wine for over twenty-five years. They take pride in representing a country where traditions, culture, history, food, friends and family are in the vanguard of how to enjoy life to its fullest. They are excited to share this knowledge with you and increase your palate to include wines you may not be familiar with.

Franco was born and raised on the Italian Riviera and began his career as a dashing waiter in the posh Hotel de Bain du Mer in Monaco before embarking on the cruiseship TSS Fairsea. On one cruise in particular, he met a fun and charming young lady named Jenny and there was no turning back!

They married and settled down in the busy tourist town of Ashland, located in beautiful Southern Oregon. In 1990, they opened the doors to their Italian restaurant Il Giardino Cucina Italiana, and for ten pazzo and happy years provided good food, wine & cheer to the local community. After switching gears, they opened a Wholesale Wine Importing & Distribution company in 2000, introducing and selling outstanding Italian wines up and down the State of Oregon.

From picking wines during the harvest season as a youth, to tasting, selecting, serving, selling and even making award-winning wines, Franco has been involved in the wine industry his entire life and knows Italian wines inside & out. Teaching wine-tasting classes is one of his most enjoyable ways of educating people about the many wonderful and unique Italian varietals available.

They travel to Italy every year to explore the rich wine growing regions and find new wine producers – tasting and personally selecting which wines to bring back and share with you – all the while making new friends along the way.


We had a fantastic time enjoying a warm afternoon in lovely Novato, Ca, and made a bunch of new friends. Our hostess prepared a lovely meal and we provided the wines:

Started with sparkling Prosecco Ruggeri Gold Label – Veneto

Pate e Salame – Quacquqrini Serrapetrona Secco (Vernaccia Nera) – Le Marche

Pesto Deviled Eggs – Marotti Campi Luzano (Verdicchio) from Le Marche

Eggplant Rollatini – D’Antica Terra Greco di Tufo – heavier white from Campania

Mushroom Risotto – Casnina Bruciata Barbaresco from Piemonte

Lamb Meatballs with Nanfro Luogi Incanto (Nero d’Avola) from Campania

DELIVERING ITALIAN WINES & CULTURE DIRECTLY TO YOUR DOOR! Franco and Jenny have been happily sharing their love of Italian food and wine for over twenty-five years. They take pride in representing a country where traditions, culture, history, food, friends and family are in the vanguard of how to enjoy life to its fullest. They are excited to share this knowledge with you and increase your palate to include wines you may not be familiar with.

Franco was born and raised on the Italian Riviera and began his career as a dashing waiter in the posh Hotel de Bain du Mer in Monaco before embarking on the cruiseship TSS Fairsea. On one cruise in particular, he met a fun and charming young lady named Jenny and there was no turning back!

They married and settled down in the busy tourist town of Ashland, located in beautiful Southern Oregon. In 1990, they opened the doors to their Italian restaurant Il Giardino Cucina Italiana, and for ten pazzo and happy years provided good food, wine & cheer to the local community. After switching gears, they opened a Wholesale Wine Importing & Distribution company in 2000, introducing and selling outstanding Italian wines up and down the State of Oregon.


Virginia Wine Tours

Virginia Wine Tours – a Wonderful Wedding Gift

Are you looking for the perfect wedding gift for the couple in your life? You may be going to a variety of stores, looking at the bridal registry, and still can’t figure out the perfect gift. Maybe you never thought about Virginia Wine Tours from DC.

Wine Tours can be Romantic:
When cruising around on a wine tour, just the two of them, the newlyweds, they can enjoy an entire afternoon and possibly even a full weekend, if you make reservations at a bed-and-breakfast, exquisite hotel, or other facility.

Many People overlook the Value that Wine Tours in DC Offer:
That’s because they seem to be viewed as an occasional afternoon trip, but they can certainly be romantic. What’s better than checking out a number of wineries, seeing how they make their wine, sampling some of the best wines in their collection, and even getting to meet other couples who are out and about?

What to look for with this Type of Gift:
When you’re considering DC Wine Tours as a wedding gift, you will want hire a company that has a great deal of experience doing this sort of thing. They should have only late-model vehicles in their fleet. All of their limos and buses should be incredibly luxurious. They should be smooth, comfortable, and quiet and offer the kind of privacy the newlywed couple deserves.

The Company Should also Provide 24/7 Customer Service:
Any transportation company providing Wine Tours in Washington DC or elsewhere that doesn’t offer 24/7 customer support may not be the best idea. After all, for the newlywed couple, they might have questions or wish to make changes to their itinerary at the last minute. What if they need to reach somebody after normal business hours?

If the company doesn’t offer 24 hour a day, 7 day a week customer service, the couple will have to leave a message and hope somebody gets back to them before the their scheduled departure.

How Affordable Could this Be?
If you’re concerned about the cost, the couple can go out for a wine tour for just an afternoon. If money is really no object, you can consider giving them a gift of an all day trip that can include a special tour of downtown DC, an entire weekend of heading from one winery to the next throughout Northern Virginia, and much more. It’s really all up to you.

Do you want your Wedding day Memorable with a Wine Tour..? Than you are on right spot we Provides the Best Transport Service for your Wine Tours in Washington DC and DC Wine Tours Package Call (1-800-942-6281) for Reserve your Fleet.

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Know more about Travel Agency in India


A tour to India is incomplete without visiting its capital city, Delhi; deemed to be the second most widely used entry point into the country, being on the route of most major airlines. This website help you gather sufficient information about the important Travel Agency in India which has the potential of making your journey smooth and hassle free. Also, if you are touring India for the first time, it would provide all the needful support. The best travel agencies in an area can be located through this website and needless to say that they are going to be of paramount importance to you all throughout your journey.

The assistance offered by these travel agencies would be witnessed before, during and after the journey. The North India tour offered by Indian Travel Agents is exemplary both in the packages they offer as well as the perfection with which their services are meted out to the tourists. The total package offers packages for bird watching, camel safari, cultural tours, wildlife tours, heritage tours, historical tours and many more. This website gives important details about the travel agencies located in any city of India and the travel packages offered by the same.
The tours offered by these agencies provide fascinating experience of this country through the various tour packages. The varied selection of travel packages offered by these help you to choose the package that suits you in all aspects. You would find the packages offered by all of these travel agencies so adapt and easily fitting well in your schedules. Incredible India can be explored to its fecundity owing to the vacation plans and packages offered by these agnecies.

The magnificent forts and palaces, exotic fairs, sand dunes and the various festivals of different states of India give the name Incredible to this country and it surely is in all aspects. All of these travel agencies help you to explore all this and many more in this superbly amazing country. The erotic temples of Khajuraho and Varanasi and monasteries provide visual delight to the tourists and making your booking via these agents help you to plan out the things more effectively.

Delhi Best Travel Agency provides the best amenities and comforts at extremely incredible price. This mysterious country with its distinctive cultures can best be explored by opting for any of the packages offered by these agencies and networks. India is known all over for the plethora of distinct festivals and its colorful diversity. The gaiety and enthusiasms with which Indian festivals are observed is surely the biggest draw of this country. You can just log on to this website and help you explore these unique features of this country, for all that you need to do is log in, select the plan and pack your bags.

Bring a vicissitude in the monotonous routine of your life by logging on to this website. This user friendly and easily navigable site is meant for one and all and is very easy to surf. You would be acquainted with all necessary information that would sure turn your journey into the most thrilling one. Travel Agency in India has all information at their finger tips and just requires a click by the visitors. They would fill your life with vibrant interludes that would make your life blissful.

Get valuable information and more detailed information about Delhi Best Travel Agency, Delhi Tour Operator, Travel Agent Delhi India and much more only at TheIndianImpression, a top rated Travel Agent Delhi India.

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The Secrets of Spanish Cuisine

Secrets of Spanish Cuisine. Spanish cuisine originated in a fascinating country that features a culturally diverse and elaborate history that has evolved over hundreds of years. With literally thousands of recipes and dishes using a variety of ingredients and spices, Spanish cuisine offers something for just about everyone’s tastes.

Spain is a rather mountainous region, with several ranges running throughout the country in different directions. These mountains once acted as barriers that inhibited transportation and communication from one area to the next. For this reason, the Spanish people had to be creative with the ingredients they had on hand, making most Spanish cuisine simple, uncomplicated and yet utterly delicious. This is also why Spanish cooking differs so much from one portion of the country to another.

Most Spanish cuisine is actually still prepared today just as it was a few hundred years ago, using the same ingredients and cooking methods. Throughout the years, influences from American and European foods became popular, with a Spanish flair, of course, creating an ever wider variety of tasty dishes. Today in the northern region of the country, meats and foods high in animal fats are a popular part of the diet, while in the southern portion there is more of a Mediterranean influence to the local cooking styles and cuisine.

The components of Spanish cuisine varies widely even today from geographical region to region, however, there are two main ingredients that remain a constant throughout the country; garlic and olive oil. Most Spanish recipes call for the use of olive oil or sometimes lard, but extra virgin olive oil is usually highly recommended.

Spain happens to be one of the world’s leading producers of olive oil as olives can be seen growing all over the southern portion of the land. The country is also known all around the world as being famous for its wine and many food festivals and fiestas. It is here that the tasty wine Sangria was first developed as an alternative to the simple grape wine.

Garlic and saffron are perhaps the most commonly used of the herbs and spices, but oregano, thyme and rosemary are also used frequently. Fish and seafood are also a big part of the meals prepared here as the country is surrounded by water on three sides. Local markets and restaurants offer everything from halibut to shrimp or even octopus.

To prepare most Spanish cuisine, you will need several large pots and deep frying pans along with numerous spatulas, tongs and serving spoons. Many recipes call for all of the meats to be cooked together as stews are one of the most prevalent types of dishes of Spanish cuisine. Deep serving dishes with lids will also be needed for Spanish soups. And many chefs will also use a coffee grinder to mix and grind the various spices and herbs that are used.

Stews are such an important part of Spanish cuisine that there are several words used to describe it. Cocido, pote, olla, guiso, estofado or escudella are all terms for stew. La escudella i carn d’olla, which is made from rice, noodles, vegetables and potatoes, and Pilota, a combination of beef, eggs, white beans and bread are other common choices among the local Spanish people.

Butifarra is a type of regional sausage that can be found in some areas along with a specially prepared pie called Empanada Gallega made from vegetables and either meats or fish. Chopped pork, roasted lamb, blood pudding and red beans, known as Ibeas are other common dishes eaten in Spain. And a pork sausage made with paprika called chorizo is a huge favorite among the Spanish people.

Spanish cuisine is also famous for its many sweet and decadent desserts as well. Tarta Compostelana made from almonds is a most popular choice as well as a host of other treats made with almonds such as cookies, cakes and pastries. In addition to wine, Spain is also one of the top producers of nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts, and, of course, almonds.

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Professional Travel Services

Why Use Professional Travel Services


Planning a trip these days can turn downright confusing and truly overwhelming. With so many travel and hotel booking options available in sight, the situation for trippers becomes no less than perplexing. In addition, the risk of spending much more on the trip than a justifiable amount is always prevalent.

Perhaps this is the reason why, travel experts stress on hiring a professional travel service firm that takes care of everything associated with your travel stint, ranging from transportation and hotel to sightseeing and return. If you are not yet convinced on why you should go for professional assistance when traveling, see what experts have to say about a few benefits of this approach.

Save Money, No! Huge Money
The general public has no clue of what goes behind the scenes of the travel industry. All they are presented with is a ticket and a hotel booking platform that gives out tickets at prices that are clearly inflated out of proportion. If you have traveled before, you get the idea. A travel service in this respect presents you the clear picture of ticket and hotel prices and with its strong network of travel service contacts and suppliers, they offer you tickets at remarkably low prices.

A Professional Goes the Extra Mile
With a professional travel service,you can be sure that the company will leave no stones unturned to get you the most cost-effective and convenient deal. They understand your travel needs and the budget and go that extra mile to offer you the package that will bring a huge smile across your face.

Convenient and Hassle Free
One of the many benefits of going for a professional travel service is that they offer you absolutely convenient and hassle free services that allows you to stay stress free. You don’t need to make all the arrangements, as agents take care of everything and the only thing you have to do is to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

Whether planning a business or pleasure trip, professional travel services are always a nice option to make hotel and travel reservations. You may take help of the Internet to find best travel services in NYC.

The author is a travel enthusiast and a frequent web writer. In this post he explains why business travel service providers are a nice alternative to make bookings for your trip.
For more information visit here: http://benadahospitality.com/
Travel Booking Services

Travel Booking Services Can Benefit You

Travelling can be a massive expense for businesses, but the opportunities that can be found from attending business events make travelling a necessity. When planning a business trip, costs can easily add up without you realizing when you are planning your flights, accommodation, and other requirements separately. Similarly, you don’t realize the additional expenses you are incurring such as the cost of the time spent on planning your trip. As attending business events is vital for business success, it’s essential that you find a solution that reduces the costs and time spent planning your arrangements. Professional online travel booking services could be the solution you have been looking for.

You can hand over all aspects of travel planning to a professional company and reduce the time spent on your arrangements and the costs of travelling drastically. Booking online through a reputable travel management company can bring you great savings of over 20%. These savings can be the solution to reducing your costs and can be even greater than you expect. Travel management companies have access to lower prices through contacts and the power of negotiation.

How can booking online benefit you?

Booking online through travel management experts means that you can get the bespoke trip you need and reduced costs. You can benefit from the extensive experience these companies can bring and travel anywhere you need to worldwide. You can enjoy the reduced time taken to plan your trip and the support you need when you need it. At the same time, you can gain great return on investment when you plan strategically in this way.

Online travel booking couldn’t be easier. Some travel management sites can even offer a trial service so you can get used to the online booking service and see how it words before you go for the real thing. You could even find an online demonstration available so you can familiarize yourself with the booking process with expert tuition. You can enjoy consolidated invoicing reducing processing costs and reduce your costs even more with solutions for reduced expenses such as prepayment corporate cards. These cards can reduce spending by giving you clear visualization of spend and great control. They can also often offer lower conversion rates and reduced fees.

Travel management experts make online travel booking easy. You can benefit from the latest technology to make your trip easier with the option to download an app. This can save you time and ensure your itinerary is there on your device when you need it. Utilizing an app from the experts means you can get the notifications you need when you need them, weather reports, your flight status, airport guides, a currency converter, and more at your fingertips. You can also get the information you need on the best places to visit.

The combination of a simple booking process with expert assistance and a sophisticated app on your side means travelling for business is easier than ever before. It also means that business travel can be more affordable, less time-consuming, and more manageable than ever before enabling you to focus on gaining return on investment from the opportunities presented to your business.

Article Summary: Online travel booking services are simpler, more convenient, and more beneficial than ever before. If you are looking for a solution to reduce costs and time spent planning business travel, the travel management services can help.

Portman travel booking services finds immense pleasure in writing Travel related articles including online travel booking.

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Cuisine and Wine

French Italian Cuisine With Unique Wine Trips

When you are making vacation arrangements there are various kinds of holiday plans you can chalk out. In case you have appreciated the joy and comfort of going on a trip, then you can choose to go on an exclusive trip that incorporates a couple of the things that you find irresistible. If you are passionate about wines and particularly favor French Italian food preparations and wines, going on a conducted French Italian cuisine wine trip is just the right thing for you!

By integrating some of your favorite things into the practicality of a holiday trip can result in the most memorable and extraordinary moments that you have ever experienced. A French Italian cuisine wine trip will open up a whole world of amazing prospects that you can ever imagine!

Undertaking a French Italian cuisine wine trip will provide you with a chance to savor some of the finest of French Italian cuisine together with the opportunity of discovering the latest wines and the type of wines that best complement particular dishes. At times, the right selection of wines can make the difference between a meal being perfectly turned out with a full-bodied flavor or not. The guide of the French Italian cuisine wine trip can acquaint you with some useful hints. With such priceless information at your disposal, you not only can impress your family and friends, but will also heighten your appreciation of the cuisine and wine! In any case, what makes for a fine dining experience is appetizing food served attractively.

In the course of a French Italian cuisine trip, you will discover many things, accompanied by other individuals. Based on the length of time the trip takes to complete, you have the chance to encounter many new acquaintances who share similar interests.

This is a fantastic way to exchange opinions and views about common topics. You never can tell, but there is a possibility that the French Italian cuisine trip will stimulate your creative juices and you might choose to start a select food and wine association together with the people on the trip. You could organize weekly programs where your acquaintances can stop by at numerous restaurants and try their hand at the latest wine and food dishes. You could also establish a new venture that provides this kind of service. There is simply no end to the number of imaginative options at your disposal.

All said and done, a French Italian cuisine trip throws up a range of possibilities and it is filled with unforgettable moments. This trip opens the door to many such remarkable experiences that seek to enrich your life and leave you with a sense of well-being.

Grape Escapes conducts European Multi-Region Wine Tours for a wide range of tastes and budgets. Visit their website at http://www.grapeescapes.net/destinations/multi-region-wine-tours/multi-regions-wine-tours-and-tastings/

Visit them at Grape Escapes.



Traveling to India

Travel to India – Feel India yourself

Traveling India is like a journey into a mystic land of a colorful kaleidoscope.  India, the land of beauty and charm is every travelers dream destination.Staring to scenic beauty to rich cultural heritage and diverse traditions, the country has it all. Tour various parts of this gorgeous country and experience delight like never before.

India is the birthplace and conglomeration of diverse faiths and religions. India travel also includes trips to renowned pilgrimage spots like Kedarnath, Gangotri, Yamunotri, Amritsar, Varanasi, Badrinath, and Mathura, Haridwar, Tirupati and other places across the country.

India is, with its diversity, a beautiful, enchanting, yet enigmatic country at the same time. There is more to this country than words can tell or books describe. India is not only a travel destination but also it is an experience. With assistance of a tour operator or a travel planner you can make your tour to India memorable and cost effective and of course cheap travel to India. You can get information from a reliable travel agency regarding India travel packages.

India has hundreds of temples of different Gods and Goddesses. Monuments like Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Purana Quila the Qutab Minar, all go to show the efficiency of the Indian architect. Besides these monuments, there are several other buildings like the Victoria Memorial, Gateway of India, Parliament House, the Secretariat and the Rashtrapati Bhavan all point at our History by the centuries.

If you are not comfortable with travelling all by yourself, book a vacation package with your travel agents. Not only you will save hassle of arranging for all the things you are not sure or confident, leave it your travel agents who have the expertise and experience to look after their customers.

What if distances in India are very long and most of the Indian trains aren’t the world’s best, traveling aboard in these adds a completely new dimension to any visitor’s experience in India. Indian Railway which is the third largest rail network in the world, has some luxury trains includes Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train for exclusive domestic and international tourists.

Hill Stations are God’s precious gift to India, in fact, they forms an important part of Indian topography. Soaring several thousands feet above the sea level, Indian Hill Station Tours provide a cool retreat to people living in the plains. Blesses with pleasant environment, lush green surroundings, snow-capped mountains around, India Hill Stations Package Tours takes you close to the mother nature. Great Indian Himalayas sprawling across the northern part of India is home to a number of hill stations. India Hill Stations Tour provides you a wonderful chance to visit the Hill Stations Tours India and enjoying a vacation in the lap of mother nature.

Read about Travel Guide also read about travel to kenya and libya travel

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California Gourmet Cuisine

Aspects of California Gourmet Cuisine

by LeJyBy

California gourmet cuisine is marked by fusion of different culinary influences from Central and South America to Mexico and Asia. Most of the popular chefs of California gourmet cuisine are known for keeping their dishes simple but innovative, always fresh and carefully prepared using the best ingredients, usually those found locally.

Some common local ingredients that are often used in California cuisine include artichokes, avocados, fresh dates and figs, sprouts and persimmons. Of course, in California cuisine these ingredients often come straight from the farmer’s market. California gourmet cuisine in the northern coast will include salmon, oysters and Dungeness crabs whenever these are in season.

While California is the birthplace of many popular fast-food chains it is also the home of top-rated California gourmet cuisine restaurants, the most well known is The French Laundry in Napa Valley.

The owner and chef of The French Laundry is the well-respected Thomas Keller. Some examples of c.g. cuisine served by The French Laundry include Surf and Turf, which is a dish of lobster tail and sauted foie gras and Oyster and Pearls, which is a dish of oyster with caviar presented on warm custard of pearl tapioca.

Because of the diversity of California gourmet cuisine, exploring it is an adventure in itself. There are California gourmet cuisine retreats that offer to combine culinary classes while exploring different elements that make up California gourmet cuisine such as the vineyards, olive oil producers, ethnic food markets, and farmer’s markets.

Below are some examples of California cuisine:

California Avocado Fruit Salad

Prepare the dressing by whisking together 2 cups of olive oil, 2 tablespoons each of raspberry vinegar and toasted chopped walnuts, 1 teaspoon of grated lime peel, and 1 tablespoon each of fresh lime juice and chopped fresh basil leaves, and 1 teaspoon each of salt, pepper and dry mustard. Set the dressing aside.

Combine 1 10 oz pack of mixed baby greens, 3 peeled kiwis, sliced in half, 2 peeled and segmented grapefruits, and 2 cups of sliced strawberries in a large salad bowl. Pour over the dressing. Toss the salad. Top with 8 avocado slices.

California Poached Persimmons

Stem 6 firmly-ripe persimmons. Peel, discard seeds and cut them each into eight wedges.

Place the persimmons in a saucepan and combine with half a cup of dry white wine, 3/4 cup of fresh strained orange juice, 1/4 cup of sugar, 1 teaspoon of peeled and minced fresh gingerroot and 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon. Bring the mixture to a boil.

Stir occasionally, cover and let simmer for 15 minutes or until the persimmons become tender.

Once the persimmons are cooked, transfer them to a bowl using a slotted spoon. Boil the syrup until the liquid is about 1/2 cup, and pour this over the persimmons. You can serve this dish warm or chill it and serve over ice cream.

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